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Air Liquide S.O.A.L. in Lebanon

The Air Liquide Group has been present in Lebanon for over 80 years, from 1928 through its subsidiary S.O.A.L. "Société d'Oxygène et d'Acétylène du Liban" since 1961.

S.O.A.L. Société d'Oxygène et d'Acétylène du Liban

The company was created in 1961 in association between Air Liquide & two major Lebanese families Salem & Sehnaoui. Air Liquide - S.O.A.L. operates under the industrial standards set by Air Liquide group in the respect of local norms.

Governed by the norms ISO 9001-2008 and LIBNOR, operations are run in respect of employees and clients safety and also in respect of the environment.

The business has evolved and supported the development needs of the Lebanese market. Starting with  offices on Bliss Street in 1928, then a production plant in Al-Naher Street until 1990, moving to a large industrial site in Dekwaneh by 1991, today we take another stride forward by creating 2 new sites in Chekka & Beirut.