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Air Liquide SOAL in Lebanon

S.O.A.L. Société d'Oxygène et d'Acétylène du Liban

S.O.A.L. is a subsidiary of Air Liquide Group present in Lebanon since 1928.

The company was created in 1961 in association between Air Liquide & two major Lebanese families Salem & Sehnaoui.

Air Liquide - S.O.A.L. produces and distributes in Lebanon industrial & medical gases, as well as gas mixtures. It distributes also rare gases imported from Air Liquide group subsidiaries .

Beyond gas sales, Air Liquide - S.O.A.L. provides gas application services to its industrial customers as well as the sales of applications and welding equipment.

In the Healthcare field, Air Liquide - S.O.A.L. secures a total presence next to patients at the hospital and at home. Medical gases supply is supported by an expertise in the installation of fluids in the hospital, respiratory assistance and medical hygiene. Homecare services are managed by our VitalAire team.

Air Liquide - S.O.A.L. supplies today the largest industrial customers in the lebanese market, the most important medical centers and follows over 1000 patients at home.

Air Liquide - S.O.A.L. operates under the industrial standards set by Air Liquide group in the respect of local norms. Governed by the norms ISO 9001-2008 and LIBNOR, operations are run in respect of employees and clients safety and also in respect of the environment.

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